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posted 02 Dec 2004, 14:12 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Firstborns like lollipops? You planning on remaking [i:dzvgd3wn]The Ten Commandments[/i:dzvgd3wn]? ;) As for IC, it was the pacing - it was terrible for me. MiƩville started out strong, developed his characters better, it was quasi-Romantic in style then (I thought of Zola's [i:dzvgd3wn]Germinal[/i:dzvgd3wn] for the strike scene) and then - poof! A very long interlude of a flashback (about 150 pages) and then back to the story. All good vibes gone. And then the end sequences, while some of them were good, just felt like MiƩville had painted himself into a corner and then he did the Big No-No, there's something that happens that prevents a more logical ending - he used a deus ex machina-type intervention that almost led to me throwing the book down in frustration. I'm trying not to get into plot specifics, because the book is probably still worth reading, but it's definitely a step or two below The Scar or PSS in my opinion. His characterization skills have improved, but the transitions - yeesh! And considering that I've really enjoyed all the other books published in 2004 that I've purchased, it became the worst by default, but my parenthetical comment was meant to reflect that. It's only merely decent and not good to great, as I was hoping. There, answer your question? Oh, and back to the OF Awards: If you and the others here want to vote for the finalists yet don't want to bother with registering at wotmania, I can set up something where you all can PM me with the votes to be counted. Would that work? view post


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