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posted 30 Nov 2004, 21:11 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

That, or maybe the BEM show (Bakker, Erikson, and Martin) ;) That reminds me, I forgot to send you a link to a Quickpoll we ran Thanksgiving weekend about what we were most thankful for this past year. The choices were rather amusing. Here's a copy of the titles: [i:1bb5izy0]Goodkind announcing end to SoT soon (11.28%) Jordan announcing "Two more books!" (20.35%) Martin to finish AFFC before Bush leaves (27.43%) Shatner starring in new TV series, CD (4.87%) Firefly has been pushed back 5 months (0.88%) Erikson still not fat, no beard in sight (12.83%) Bakker doesn't need pimp cane at signing (2.88%) Bonaduce working hard for his money (0.88%) Roast goat (4.20%) Dude... isn't it Christmas time already? (14.38%)[/i:1bb5izy0] You [i:1bb5izy0]almost[/i:1bb5izy0] were more popular than roast goat, but the goat wins in a shocking upset. Kinda puts things in (silly) perspective, yes? :D And before you ask, the comments about you and Erikson were digs at Martin and Jordan's big bellies and bushy beard, as well as the pimp cane Jordan poses with in the photo that goes with his later books :P view post


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