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Best character posted 14 November 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Inner_visions, Candidate

Kellhus is definily want i'd call an original character but not my favorite in Bakker's series' The Prince of Nothing. Although i'm growing a small fondness of him due to his revelations and changes in the end of the second book.

Cnaiur has got to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite characters. Already said was that he had so many layers like an onion. That's one of the most interresting things about Cnaiur because he's the most like a real person. His various layers overlap and melt and change and make him a different person then he was 20 pages ago. He's so unpredictable even Kellhus can only manipulate variables that he thinks will have an affect on Cnaiur, Kellhus isn't even sure about those. In response to the most recent 'guest' post, Cnaiur is not invincible(not that you said it) and has been trying to prove himself forever. That is why he kills, not even for his own culture of anything else but the need to be accepted. ALmost everything he does it for acceptance and self worth but in the end he has neither. Also he isn't just some massively tough barbaric warrior he has feelings too(lol) and has always been a slave to another, whether it be Moeghus, his fellow clansmen, or Kellhus. Well.... eh yeah something like that.

Second favorite is Archamian because he is such an interresting character as well. Even more pain then Cnaiur's past, plus his always changing stance with his students, Esmenet, and in the second book Xinemus. ALso his relationship with Kellhus is very eyeopening because even after Esmenet has become Kellhus' he still wishes to teach the Gnosis to him. It just proves how much a belief effects the human physce. Other reasons as well but its 12:00 here and i'm tired so all i have to say is keep writting Bakker. view post


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