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Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 01 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact

While it’s probably dangerous to anticipate the next novel – we don’t know who the factions are and I suspect a few rabbits will be pulled out of a few hats – here’s my 2 pence and cut me to pieces if necessary.

Achamian will probably swallow his jealousy regarding Esmenet and teach Kellhus the Gnosis. Further involvement by the Mandate is probably very likely indeed – they may have other agents in the holy war and surely they might have heard rumours of an Anasurimbor (Atyersus is close to Shimeh by sea and it would be interesting to see how the Scarlet Spires will cope with a corps of Mandate sorcerers – probably by kissing their ar$es).

As far as the holy war goes, increasingly Kellhus’s tool, I think that the Kianene have mustered their last host. Fanayal (? the Padirajah’s son) spirited away his brothers and sisters in the last battle and will probably try to consolidate his rule from Nenciphon (i.e. inner Kian). So I think the last march of the holy war will be uncontested up to Shimeh. Where this leaves Conphas and his pact with the Kianene is anybody’s guess. If Conphas is not now a disciple of Kellhus (and he is probably too self-centred to be one) I doubt that he will have the opportunity to subvert the holy war before Shimeh – he has too many powerful opponents, Kellhus and his followers for one, and the Scarlet Spires for another. Conphas is probably flexible enough to ignore the pact his emperor negotiated – the Kianene seem to be impotent now. (As an aside, if the Consult still have skin spies in the Nansur court, I think Istriya, Xerius’ mother, is the prime suspect.)

So how does Maithanet fit into this? If he is a skin-spy (and yes I know he ordered Proyas to help Achamian) there’s a chance of him being revealed as was Sarcellus and Skeaös. Should this happen maybe Kellhus will be the “latter latter prophet” and supplant the thousand temples. I’ve got no clue how Mallahet fits into all of this (if he is indeed Moenghus) – a meeting between Cnaiür and Moenghus is likely indeed. view post


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