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Any horror fans here? posted 28 October 2004 in Literature DiscussionAny horror fans here? by Alric, Auditor

If I have to use the genre classifications, I will... I just don't like them much.

I haven't read much that would considered horror in today's standards. Oh, I've read some of the classics like Mary Shelly and Brom Stoker, plus some Lovecraft.

I've read one King horror book, which I don't count the Dark Tower series... epic quest in that regard. I've read some by Dan Simmons. Those would be it for pure horror.

Now, I've been reading a lot of the new generation books that are blending a great deal of these genre lines. One I can think of right off hand is China Mieville's Perdido Street Station, which blended a great many styles, including horror and supense. Alexander Irvine's A Scattering of Jades is another good example. The story has several classic horror elements, good enough to win a International Horror Guild Award, but I wouldn't classify it as a horror.

I enjoy the tendency of some authors today to thrill you with action and intrigue at one moment, and at the next frighten you silly with top-notch suspense and thriller. view post


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