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On The Warrior Prophet posted 27 February 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by Wil, Head Moderator

Except for the fact that the Human brain is more developed then most other animals (except primates, dolphins etc.) So from an evolutionary stand point, it makes perfect sense. The human brain is capable of choice, we are able to overcome our most natural instincts. We are able to think about and change the world we live in. Most other animals cannot to the extent we can. I feel that it is the fact that we have the consequences of our decisions that put us where we are. An ant doesn't feel the consequences of it's decision to build the mound here or there, but we as humans (and the higher animals) do. This to me is what proves that evolution is true, because you can look at the different parts of the Human brain and see all past brains. view post


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