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posted 13 Oct 2004, 19:10 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

True, I too was a bit irritated by that comment, although I will sympathize with her on the personal attack issue - comments about dead relatives really should be out of bounds when it comes to discussing why one thinks a book sucks. And yeah, authors often don't have the best picture of how the completed project is going to be taken. As for pissing people off, I just read where someone at wotmania was disappointed because TDTCB read mostly like a prologue - but I don't think that was the sort of pissing people off stance you wanted, huh? ;) However, I do expect any day now to hear some complaints about the rape scene. Man, I feel weird, being positive about the likelihood of an author receiving negative comments, groundless or not :P view post


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