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A Game of Thrones book club discussion open posted 29 September 2004 in Book ClubA Game of Thrones book club discussion open by Anonymous, Subdidact

I have to say I loved A Game of Thrones.

Martin can write very detailed and believable characters. He is also not afraid to stray from genre "traditions," and in the process does a gust of fresh air into the fantasy genre and literature in general. This is no Lord of the Rings clone like so many other fantasy books out there, and no ultimate evil. Instead the "evil" characters are only "evil" because they simply look out for number one.

I think the the "sexual episodes" of the books give a huge amount of detail about the chracters and because of this were kinda of necessary. I am thinking of Dany and Drogo and Tyrion and Shae. Without the episodes of Dany and Drogo we would not see the how the character of Dany changes from a very passive person to the strong willed person she becomes. Also the Tyrion and Shae shows Tyrion's ultimate weekness. view post


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