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Time for that very annoying question that many of us have posted 11 September 2004 in Author Q & ATime for that very annoying question that many of us have by Mithfânion, Didact

Those sites already do receive ARCs, as do others like Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City (which just won a Hugo for Best Fanzine) and a few others of a blog/review nature

If that is true than it is very strange that many of them haven't even deigned to post a review. Often/Usually when they get one they do at least that, even if they dislike it. I trust you're absolutely sure they've all received one?

It's just surprising that more of the major SFF sites that revolve around messageboards don't receive more ARCs

What sites are you thinking of then?

As for the delay; as a fan I am of course hoping it will be released as originally planned but if that April date should prove to be impossible then a few more months would hardly be disastrous. view post


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