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Is the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? posted 08 September 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionIs the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? by AjDeath, Didact

Obviously there are many uses for these observations, I was being a tw@t. <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarassed" /><!-- s:oops: --> <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!-- s:o --> I just do not like how science and all of it's relevant studies has become the new "God" of our time. Since when has man become infallible? What I mean about science though is this, how can we ever really be sure of what we beleive (in) to be the truth? A lot of medication hurts rather than cures. Also, I never said that I rejected atomic theory, I am saying that it is exactly what you called it, the latest theory in a long succesion of theories. Of course we have put this theory to a test (sort of) and killed a whole lot of people with it. yea. I do not reject science, I reject humanity's total faith in it. view post


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