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Best character posted 07 September 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

Favorite: Achamian

something draws me to the power of magic and i usually like the mages and wizards most. one exception is WoT where i actually like Perrin and Thom most. Achamian is a great thinker and his causes are just. He fights inner fights as well as external conflicts... a top notch character if i ever read one.

Most Interesting: Kellhus

how can one not be interested by him? In the book he captivates people and manipulates them all and as you read he ... draws you in as well. extrodinary. his thinking is one of a kind. (well... among all the other characters ive ever read about before... i guess all the Dunyain think the same way)

Least Favorite: Esmenet

idk.. just didnt interest me much. im sure she holds some special importance in the book and i do look foward to her involvement in the other books but in some places i found her to be... well.. dumb. not a great thinker you know. i dont know if that was how Bakker meant it to be but that was my impression. view post


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