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Concerning Chapter Quotes posted 07 September 2004 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by Replay, Auditor

Quote: "Cu'jara Cinmoi":34857waw
That's a perfect example because it shows just how opining and evaluating break down into two separate questions (there's actually more, but I think this illustrates the difference clearly):

1) What was your personal response?

2) What was the author trying to accomplish (in narrative terms, thematic terms, etc.)? Did he or she succeed?

Note that with (2), what any author tries to accomplish will be relative to a certain 'ideal audience' (in this case, those who enjoy historical narratives).[/quote:34857waw]

Well that's the thing, if you are not a part of that audience, would a critism be valid? Plus we often don't know just what you were trying to accomplish with a lot of the book, and without you saying so there can really only be assumptions. That being said, if you do ask whether a specific part worked, perhaps we can give something constructive to think over.

Im not saying that any old critism isn't helpful as, if you pay attention, a lot of truth can be gleemed from them. And I'm certainly not saying that is all relative - it is just that it is very a murky area and, without writing a lot and explaining your own reasons for each and every critique, anything you do say isn't all that valuable. And it is for this reason that I expect many just don't bother. view post


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