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Alright, our first book club discussion is going to be posted 04 September 2004 in Book ClubAlright, our first book club discussion is going to be by Grantaire, Moderator

A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. Since this is a fairly popular and well-read book, I don't think we need a massively long time to wait before the discussion. So I'd say the weekend of the 24 through the 26. I don't know whether Friday, Saturday, or Sunday works best for people, so just sound off on which of those days will be best, and I'll go with the majority.

Some sample things to think about before the discussion (if you want):
-Martin's use of history as somewhat of a parallel to his story. Did you enjoy that style?
-The violent and sexual content. Did it add appropriately to the story? Or was it overdone?
-The lack of some fantastical elements (i.e. no elves & dwarves, not too much magic). Did you feel that the sometimes lacking amount of magic detracted from the fantastical appeal?
-Characters. Did you feel characterization was done well? Were the characters realistic, especially in the context of the story?

Just think about those, and anything else you want about the book. I'll post the actual discussion thread on the morning that everyone thinks will be best.

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