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Cnair posted 02 September 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnair by Andrew, Peralogue

Aiturahim: I have to agree about Kellus - i've always been torn about whether Kellus or Cnaiur was more "evil" (i'll use quotes so as to avoid ruffling Tellner's feathers). Kellus would definitely qualify as a psycho-path. How can anyone read the abandonment of Leweth and not be appalled? The only consolation the reader can find, is in the otherness of Kellus psychology - we can understand his actions, because who among us hasn't swatted a fly that interefered with our supper? The difference, and the key to identifying with Kellus, is that for him all men are flies.

Tellner: I don't think anyone does things "Just because he's evil" - people don't sit around like "ok, i'm evil, what wicked thing should i do now?" - rather we call them wicked/evil, or they prove they are evil AFTER the person has decided to act in whatever way they want. IE. Cnaiur doesn't murder and rape because he's evil - rather the fact that he murders and rapes makes him evil.
I would point out that no one has suggested getting into the head space of a Sranc, or a Skin-Spy and trying to identify with why they want to fuck severed heads. The Inchoroi are litterally aliens, who seem to lust after destruction and pain in the same way people look for peace and sex. I'm not interested in seeing the world from their point of view - No one wants to make the No-God a hero - "but maybe the no-god wants to make every womb barren because he was abused as a child - oh i feel bad for him! maybe if i were abused in the same way, i would want to destroy the earth! I'm not evil, ergo the No-god is not evil!" Or, we could take the evolutionary tack "the inchoroi clearly evolved in an atmosphere where rape, torture, and abomination enabled them to become evolutionarily superior - since the only objective measure of the good is evolutionary success, for the Inchoroi rape, murder etc. is a moral good, therefore in trying to destroy the world they are not evil." view post


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