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Cnair posted 01 September 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnair by Andrew, Peralogue

I'm intrigued by your sympathy towards Cnaiur - i see him as being the most thoroughly evil human character in the book. Unlike the other characters, he acts the way he does without any reason but to affirm himself and his own choice. When he randomly murders and rapes to "get what compensation he could", he isn't doing so because he fundamentally believes anything the victims are evil, or are an abomination in the God's sight, or whatever. He acts as he does to affirm for himself that he is what he choses to be - the most violent of men. He has no reason to chose that however - he might as easily chosen to become the most "sucessful of horticulturalists". Unlike other men, and indeed, other scylvendi, Cnaiur choses the paths which he forces himself down, and it is quite the demonic twisted path indeed! I see Cnaiur as the ultimate psychopath.

In terms of a sense of honour and justice - i don't know where you see that. This is the man who sympathized with the sentiments of the Fanim traitors who opened the gates of their city over their hatred of the governor (incidentally, i think that was a Consult move, not a fanim move). That is, he understood a hatred so large, it would sacrifice an entire city of innocents to accomplish its ends. This man abandoned his entire family, including the wife he loved to the Steppe with all the inevitable consequences that would entail. He measures himself by his slaughter. He murders and abuses simply to distinguish himself from those around him. If the man had any sense of honour or justice in the way we recognize, he would have cut his throat long ago.

You may i think, be confusing purity of purpose, or purity in action, in the sense of acting entirely for one purpose and with one end, with purity of character. Even that purity of purpose is lost by the end of the Warrior Prophet, when Cnaiur trades War for Serwe. In terms of his character ... my goodness. Even in our politically correct, give em a second chance, they're victims too, Capital of the Universe (Canada) you'd find near unanimity on reinstating the death sentence for the guy. view post


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