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Cnair posted 31 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnair by Scarred, Candidate

While reading the two books, I noticed that nearly every character was despicable and evil in their own way, that everyone had their own agenda and lied constantly to themselves and others, I felt some degree of disgust for all of them, yet strangely felt sympathy for Cnair.

I became entranced, and appalled as I saw every character become manipulated and changed by Kellhus, yet I only felt outrage at him, when he began using Serwe to manipulate Cnair, playing on his tormented memories. Cnair seemed to be a sort of wall, standing against the Dunyain's domination.

For some reason, Cnair seemed to be a pure sort of character, and probably the most sympathetic of all in both novels. He has commited atrocities, but still has a sense for justice and honour, and would likely be a friend of many of the nobles, were he not torn apart inside by his conflicting views of whether he was one of the People or not. When he finally gave into Kellhus, then turned on him, then seemed to give in again, I started to wonder what sort of role he would play later on in the series.

What more can Kellhus use him for? What of the prophecy which (I believe, correct me if Im wrong) contains a mentioning of a Scylevendi? Now that he no longer has his "proof" how will he be able to live with himself? I'm pretty sure that he will play a significant role in the next novel, possibly as a means of killing the Consult? Since he has shown himself to be capable of at least fighting at a similar level with them. All I know is that Cnair is my favourite character and I hope he can survive the series.

Comments? Theories? (Sorry for the crappy thread, I'm a n00b it would seem :p) view post


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