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Like father like son? posted 31 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Scarred, Candidate

Quote: "tellner":2hyj75u5
Other bits of evidence that Maithanet is Consult....

1) Kell only saw him from far away but felt there was something wrong about him.

2) "Follow the money". Who benefits from the Holy War? Not the Tuskers. Not the Fanim. On the other hand, the Consult gets its enemies to wear each other down. Let's you and him fight.[/quote:2hyj75u5]

I'm not so certain of that. If Maithanet was Consult, then why wouldnt he have declared a holy war on the schools, eliminating the Madate who are the only ones that could possibly find the Consult threat?

Maithanet is, in my mind, the counterpart to Moengus. Both stand from afar, yet still seem to figure in all decisions and influence everyone. My guess would be that Maithanet is somehow either connected to the Dunyain, or the Non-Men. But I definitly see the merit in your argument. view post


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