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Official Book Club discussion nominations posted 28 August 2004 in Book ClubOfficial Book Club discussion nominations by Grantaire, Moderator

My idea of a book club is more to uncover hard-to-find or undiscovered gems. A Game of Thrones is something I would think everyone has read, but it's certainly an excellent book that could spawn a lot of discussion (see their message board!).

Is the book club limited to Sci-Fi/Fantasy then?

I think that we will certainly focus on speculative fiction, but after perhaps the first one or two, perhaps we will branch out into some other areas of literature. Depends on the interests of everyone. And I agree that uncovering undiscovered gems would be good (perhaps not hard-to-find ones, because we want everyone to be able to get whatever we choose), but as Aldarion said, this first discussion should probably be on a more popular book, to test out the style of the discussion, etc.

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