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Official Book Club discussion nominations posted 27 August 2004 in Book ClubOfficial Book Club discussion nominations by Grantaire, Moderator

So, now that I'm a moderator, I'm starting up a Book Club discussion here on the Literature Discussion board. This will likely be book discussions around once a month, with either more or less time depending on what book is chosen (considerations on avalibility, how widely read it already is, etc). This here is the nominations sticky. You all have until Tuesday of next week to nominate books that you would like to discuss. The most highly nominated book will be chosen, and when I let you all know what that book is, I'll give you a date for the discussion. Any questions, just ask me.

If you like to agree with someone else's nomination, simply say that you agree with their nomination.

Oh, and just a note, I'd prefer that we choose a book that isn't brand new or anything, so people are more likely to be able to find it at a library, or else be able to buy it in paperback. view post


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