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posted 27 Aug 2004, 15:08 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Ah, Diplomacy! Hands down my [i:19lx3pb8]favourite[/i:19lx3pb8] wargame period: I've just never been able to find enough regulars to play it (and it's [i:19lx3pb8]got[/i:19lx3pb8] to be face to face - the lying and cheating (the 'diplomacy' part) are the heart of the game). I have a bunch of bookcase games in my basement. My favourite, hands down, is Pacific War, which my brother and I wasted an entire summer on once. I royally kicked his ass, and as the Japanese no less! As it stands, all I allow myself is a little Close Combat (I find III to be the best) skirmish now and anon... Like I said, games are like morphine to me. view post


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