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What is the Thousand-Fold Thought? posted 26 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by Andrew, Peralogue

Here's what we know:
1. The "thought" is something Moenghus has discovered or thought up.
- When Moenghus returned to Ishual, he was found to have been polluted by the world and was not allowed to return.
- Moenghus is almost certainly a Cishaurim (so Kellus believes)

The thousand-fold thought may be an extension of Dunyain philosophy, or it may be a realization that comes from living in the world. Personally, i favour the latter theory simply because if Moenghus discovered a powerful extension of Dunyain thought, he would not have been rejected.

2. Kellus recognized the thousand-fold thought when he came down from the tree.
- when he came down, he was revered as a warrior prophet, however, the reverence alone cannot have anything to do with TTT because he had that reverence before.
- when he came down, he seems to have accepted that he IS the WP, or the Harbinger - in which case TTT may be that what comes after can determine what comes before.
- Hanging from the tree, 3 major things happened to Kellus: first, he was able to spot and communicate with Akka even though Akka was walking in sorcery - the Puske is a kind of thought/mental sorcery, as opposed to the Gnosis/anagogis which is spoken - potentially, Kellus is here delving into/awakening into rudimentaries of the Puskhe. Thus something related to the sorcery may have to do with TTT. Second, Kellus experienced the visions of the No-God - an ape with hands folded like a monk sitting under a tree - the words "WHAT DO YOU SEE?" etc. Significance of this? I think Kellus is realizing that what he is, what the Dunyain are, is basically the same as what the No-god is. IMO there is no real difference - each will use and destroy anything to achieve its goals. consider that the vision of the no-god took place while kellus hung under a tree, and the no-god was crouching under a tree. consider the no-god had a monk-aspect, Kellus is a dunyain monk etc.
Third, Kellus lost control and sobbed for Serwe - 'his face beaten into a strangers face' - this indicates an ACTUAL experience of sorrow.

The "secret of battle" cannot be TTT because Kellus knew about it long ago.

I think TTT is related to actually becoming human - experiencing sorrow etc - realizing that the Dunyain as as 'enslaved' to mission as worldborn men are to their feelings - Darkness comes before everything, the question is what will you be ruled by? The emotion of men, or the indifferent mission of the Dunyain, an indifference which ultimately leaves the Dunyain morally as no different from the No-God. view post


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