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Stephen Erikson's Books posted 25 August 2004 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Alric, Auditor

Quote: "Orion_metalhead":105gggm1
i keep seeing the book at the bookstore and i always pick it up and i always read the little info in the jacket cover and i never buy it. it sounds great but i never had the urge to buy it. ill probably look on ebay for it cheap that way if i dont liek it i wont get angry at spending 26 dollars.

where can i order the Warrior Prophet from? it seems all of you have read it but i cant even find it anywhere.[/quote:105gggm1]

Well, I'd definitely suggest picking up Erikson, though I can understand the desire to save some money. Hardcover prices these days are steep. Gardens of the Moon is a very solid, very entertaining fantasy novel with detailed world building and interesting characters. The true reason to buy GotM is to get to books 2 and 3, really 2-5, because those are truly amazing fantasy novels, with engrossing action, captivating characters and emotion enducing scenes.

As for WP, it isn't available in the states yet, but is available, along with all the published Erikson books, through The Canadian site has good prices on both books and shipping, just remember that it is in Canadian currency. view post


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