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Other authors you enjoy posted 13 February 2004 in Author Q & AOther authors you enjoy by delavagus, Commoner

For some reason I heard your last line to the tune of "Walk Like An Egyptian."

Other bits of Leibniz I've read make more sense than this fricken essay. Try this on: "I believe that the nature of body does not consist in extension alone; in unraveling the notion of extension, I noticed that it is relative to something which must be spread out [extendi], and that it signifies a diffusion or repetition of a certain nature. For every repetition (or collection of things of the same kind) is either discrete, as, for example, in things that are counted, where the parts of the aggregate are distinguished, or continuous, where the parts are indeterminate [indeterminata] and one can obtain parts in an infinite number of ways." Come again? Later in the paragraph: "Since extension is a continuous and simulataneous repetition (just as duration is a successive repetition), it follows that whenever the same nature is diffused through many things at the same time, as, for example, malleability or specific gravity or yellowness is in gold, whiteness is in milk, and resistance or impenetratability is generally in body, extension is said to have place. However, it must be confessed that the continuous diffusion of color, weight, malleability, and similar things that are homogeneous only in apperance is merely apparent [diffusion], and cannot be found in the smallest part [of bodies]."

The problem isn't that I'm incapable of wrapping my mind around any individual sentence (although it can be tough), it's that every single sentence is like that, layering translucent upon translucent until the whole thing is rendered opaque.

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