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History posted 20 August 2004 in Writing TipsHistory by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

i tend to write the history as i go along. as i describe one thing ill try to include things about its past and other times. then as i keep writing fit other peices in to fill that coincide with what i had already written.

history is tough. and normally it just comes with pracitice i guess. when all else fails you can always look for inspiration in other books or in the news for things you could include in your own history.

its important to make the history colorful and varied and give historical reasons for why one Nation or town may hold a grudge against another. When writing histories just try to think about the reasons a certain group of people may act according to what has already befallen them in the past.

though the writing im doing now i actually have a really good story line done for it and i hope to continue with it. its pretty original i think and that makes it fun to write. view post


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