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Format? posted 19 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by legatus, Auditor

Personally, I don't mind the idea of our in game visual interpretations being somewhat off, if not outright wrong, in their first iterations. The scarcity of thorough descriptive passages when it comes to certain aspects of the books to give us a solid idea of how Scott himself visualizes his world offers us a certain level of creative freedom at the outset, and I think the process of trying to come up with what this race or that location might look like will be half the fun of recreating Earwa.

If we have to scrap a few finished models and a certain percentage of artwork, it will certainly make the process more time consuming, but even so, I don't think it'll be wasted time. I doubt Scott would be overly forthcoming in coughing up specific details if he wants to keep certain things under wraps until he's ready to tackle those subjects in one of his future books, but we may be able to glean bits and pieces of new information from the criticisms and comments he might offer on how our visual interpretations are coming along--bits and pieces of information that he might not offer while directly answering a query about a given topic. Then, future design revisions will be that much more refined and well fleshed out.

Regardless, I think we have a lot to decide on before we'll be at a stage where we're ready to start creating actual game assets, like models and artwork. Things like game rules, character classes, game mechanics, target engine and like are decisions that need to come first, and none of them really require that there be accompanying artwork right off the bat, so we can approach the early conceptual design of a graphical RPG in much the same way as we would a text based one. So depending on the pace we manage to get through that conceptual ground work, we may end up having another book of source material to draw from when the time comes to start churning out artwork. But if we don't have anything more to base our designs on, I can't imagine a little creative license being a bad thing, even if it means having to go back to the drawing board now and again later on.

Hell, maybe we'll end up finding the reality of creating a fully realized graphical RPG too daunting after hammering out some early concepts and design ideas, then have little choice but to scale things back to a simpler text based system. And in my view, that would be fine if it meant actually ending up with a complete, playable system in lieu of an unfinished graphical version, but either way, I think we should start out along the more ambitious path and see where it leads us. view post


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