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Great News - and please post what work you are all doing. posted 19 August 2004 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by saintjon, Auditor

I have ideas and like 2 pages typed of a story called The Eyes of Eternity. I thought of this one day when I was at the mall and I looked at this infant girl's face and she had these amazing, wide-open eyes that looked like a lot more than you would expect to find in the face of a child. Like in the absence of any kind of deeper thought or distraction in them I was seeing something More. I immediately wanted to make this kind of humbling dimishment part of my story, a central theme. Eternity stares at you with the sky-blue eyes of a child.

Basically I want to tell a story where the protagonists champion progress, rather defend the old, which is lost anyways. My world has magical races and such, but good luck finding them. The majoy societies of them were wiped out long ago, kind of like the conquistadors and Central America, or South America or whatever (some of my history is kind of vague, shoot me! I'm making stuff up an yways lol). I haven't drawn any maps but the core setting thus far is the aftermath of a war wherein a progressive nation, ravaged by plague is afterward divided between 2 empires.

Oh yeah and I want low- tech guns. Extremely rare but present, and they make a fun running battle a la Last of the Mohicans.

The problem is I only really have 1 character fleshed out recognizably thus far, and he won't make it through the wh ole story. AAAAARGH! view post


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