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Other authors you enjoy posted 12 February 2004 in Author Q & AOther authors you enjoy by delavagus, Commoner

Don't forget good ol' George RR, though I assume you've mentioned him in other threads. I view him -- have we talked about this before? -- as a bridge (constructed primarily of salvaged pieces from historical fiction) between 'mainstream' fantasy and 'literary' fantasy. He's perhaps the greatest boon for writers like you and me, since he's drawing from the bottomless well called Jordan/Goodkind readers, while in the process -- we hope -- converting them to the cause of 'serious' fantasy fiction.

I've read almost all of Penman's non-historical-mystery books now. I'm halfway through TIME & CHANCE, her latest, about Henry II and Thomas Becket. The Wales trilogy will always hold a special spot in my heart, but overall I sense no diminishing of quality in her work. CHRIST AND HIS SAINTS was a helluva ride, and so far T&C is a nice complement: its focus on (relatively) few characters is a relief after the sprawl of the civil war between Stephen and Maude.

Chances are I won't be reading anything non-school-related until summer (except for my Blue Heaven work, of course). Yesterday, I tried reading Leibniz's essay On Body and Force Against the Cartesians (or something), and I had no fricken idea what he was talking about. I'd re-read the same sentence three or four times and think, "I understand each individual word, yet all together..." Damn Germans. view post


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