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Do you believe a God exists? posted 14 March 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Israfel, Peralogue

I always thought it was a bit rich of Hermes there, since the Greek Gods show favour right left and centre. And of course, the 'make others angry' justification is only one that works for polytheism. I do of course realise you didn't mean that part literally, however...

My problem with the fact that it would turn heads by having solid evidence of divine intervention is that it comes down to who arranged things so that they would seem to be 'evidence' - why, it turns out to be God. This is a God who could just have easily have placed a few loopholes in his creation to allow him to effect cures for cancer patients, amputees, sick babies etc, while keeping everything else the same and leaving people to wonder. It doesn't matter if we ourselves can't immediately think, or even ever conceive of such a way. Because this is an all-powerful, all-knowing God who could do things like that, not just some hack off the streets of the Norse pantheon... <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: --> view post


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