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Other authors you enjoy posted 11 February 2004 in Author Q & AOther authors you enjoy by Mithfânion, Didact

The mention of Caitlin Sweet is interesting. From the beginning I've seen some booksites couple that book to TDTCB, and having read a synopsis and some reviews I have no idea why. A friend of mine who reads a truly astonishing amount of Fantasy books per year listed her book in his 2003 top 10, which aroused my curiosity even more. Still, there appears to be no sign yet of a UK or US release.

I think you touch on a very interesting aspect, that of certain author''s most peculiar popularity. As puzzling as their blatant success can be (Jordan and Goodkind are good examples, Eddings and Brooks are of similar stock), the interesting thing for me is to make a small attempt at understanding why this could possibly so. For instance, while both Jordan and Goodkind receive regular trashings at many internet forums and columns, both these authors are incredibly popular here in the Netherlands, and people actually think very highly of the books as well as huge sales figures (as opposed to the rest of the online community, where, despite the fact J&G's books sell equally well, there is a lot of criticism on their writing).

Personally I've read Eye of the World and it instinctively rubbed me the wrong way. Very very poor. I've not tried Goodkind, but he's always listed with Brooks and Eddings who are both authors of the sanitized and juvenile Fantasy variety. Anyway, in the end I always conclude that they most be catering to the lowest common denominator and therefore appeal to so many, whereas I simply don't go for that kind of story/level.

Wolfe, I've got The Book of New Sun on my shelf, looking forward to that one. I've read The Sunne in Splendour by Penman, which was excellent and often said to be her best work, along with her Wales trilogy.

Any thoughts on fellow Canadians Kay and Erikson? Any Sci-fi? I don't quite know why but I could see you veer off into Space opera one day. view post


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