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Do you believe a God exists? posted 10 March 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Israfel, Peralogue

Quote: "jub":jlyhxjod
The link provided before is as useless attempt to hurt current religions and beliefs in a biblical God. It is a pointless rant, backed up by a biased view, by some atheist with a grudge. And please, for future discussion, can we refrain from using a biblical account of God? It is flawed, we all know it, it's been known since antiquity.[/quote:jlyhxjod]

I believe that the problem there comes from the fact that most Christians I know object to the accusation that they are 'picking and choosing' their Christianity. However, unless you are taking the bible in its entirety (at least the sections Jesus doesn't openly say he's revoking) completely literally then in a sense you are indeed just picking and choosing* and you have very little ground to stand on when you criticise other variants of Christianity, or even the other Abrahamic religions. You're relying on flawed human reasoning to pick and choose which parts of the good book/equivalents you believe...

Of course, if you're fine with that, then there's no problem in not using biblical accounts of God.

* (although from the arguments I've seen about how apocrypha got labled as such probably even if you are taking it literally, but that's a different argument) view post


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