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Do you believe a God exists? posted 10 March 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by anor277, Didact

Quote: "jub":2d6nfk5q
However I did say there are dozens of logical arguments that could explain why a God would choose not to heal amputees, or in broader terms, why a God would choose not to intercede in our lives.
1.) It would destroy all the current belief systems as well as social order.
2.) If this God rewarded he would also have to punish in order to keep balance.

The link provided before is as useless attempt to hurt current religions and beliefs in a biblical God. ................[/quote:2d6nfk5q]

I don't think the link is all that useless in its attempt to discredit current religious belief. Granted, a God that heals amputees might seem to provide evidence that God intercedes in our lives, but since God also allows starfish and crabs to regenerate lost limbs, the occasional stump of an amputee growing back an arm or a leg might not excite such comment if He or She had been doing it throughout human history. This might not have the effect of destroying the social order as you suggest, and the amputee might well be of the opinion, "Bugger the social order, give me my lost limb back". After all, as the link demonstrates, many attribute the remission of a cancer patient to God's intercession in actual human life, and this has had no palpable influence on human behaviour and society.

At any rate we are attributing to an entity, for which no evidence exists and for whom no evidence can be adduced, potential motives and rationalizations for his imagined behaviour. And if you don't want to use biblical sources, which sources do you want to substitute in their place? view post


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