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Do you believe a God exists? posted 09 March 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by anor277, Didact

Quote: "jub":3qdbiej9
Quote: "anor277":3qdbiej9

Name one such argument; if God intercedes on behalf of cancer victims and those threaened by bush fires.[/quote:3qdbiej9]

Who said God interceds at all? And what's to say this life is just a test? It would be rather silly if the examiner helped you with your final exam don't you think?[/quote:3qdbiej9]

I did, for the sake of argument. Earlier, however, you made a claim that dozens of "logical" arguments could be proposed for God's pathological dislike of amputees and his stubborn intransigence with regards to answering their prayers. I asked you to voice one of them. view post


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