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posted 16 Aug 2004, 13:08 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Just for the record, I've officially hung my professorial spurs this summer. I am now a fulltime writer. *insert circus drum roll here* Holy moly, but this question is BIG, Grantaire! So let me give you the short answer. Since 'taking as true' reflects a type of commitment to a claim, I'll talk in terms of the latter instead of the former. Claims regarding this or that are made all the time; the question is always one of what our [i:2o42p663]commitment[/i:2o42p663] to those claims should be. Since we humans seem marvelously adept at duping ourselves, I've become something of a miser when it comes to committing myself, and I don't believe in unconditional commitment to anything. I also believe that our commitments should always reflect the reliability of the claim, and not our wants or hopes (as is most often the case, I think). It's all on a continuum. Science, given an understanding of its institutional and methodological weaknesses, certainly tops the list. My commitment to philosophical claims, I'm afraid, falls quite short this mark - thus my commitment to interpretative pluralism regarding philosophical subject matter. Philosophy provides [i:2o42p663]heuristic ways[/i:2o42p663] of understanding explananda that exceed the reach of science. Does this answer your question? view post


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