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Format? posted 11 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by legatus, Auditor

Honestly, I can imagine a lot more limitations with a rudimentary game / graphics engine than a fully fleshed out adaptation of a pen and paper ruleset like the d20 or storyteller system for text based online play. A text based RPG is really only limited by the imagination of its Dungeon Master / Story Teller and its players, whereas a graphics engine brings with it a built in set of limitations regarding what the player can actually do. That's why such a huge number of skills from D&D become useless and not worth implementing in their videogame counterparts, since it's just too hard to make them effective in the game engine, so you end up with a much simpler, more straight forward experience that tends to focus more on combat than actual roleplaying.

That said, I'd rather have a simpler, more limited RPG experience with a decent graphics engine and the best Earwa related art we can muster than have to leave it all to the imagination. It may have its drawbacks and would undoubtedly be a lot harder to actually crank something playable out, but I think the accomplishment of it would end up feeling a lot more rewarding.

This route begs the question, however, which game / graphics engine would be most appropriate for use with Earwa? I can't think of that many RPGs featuring online play that allow for a high level of moddability off the top of my head, but Neverwinter Nights comes to mind (although NWN2 might be a better candidate when it's released). Most of the other engine's I've worked with that cater to mod makers are either action oriented or only offer a single player experience. Anyone else have any other game engine's in mind for a graphical recreation of Earwa?

In any case, I'd be open to working on either style of RPG, text based or complete with a graphics engine. I can't help but worry that recreating Earwa in a game engine with fully realised graphics might be a little too ambitious though, but I'd certainly like to try it just the same, so I cast my vote for that option as well. If nothing else, it should result in some good Earwa related artwork and character class ideas. view post


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