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Do you believe a God exists? posted 17 February 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by xatantius, Candidate

I don't know.
Absolutely no idea as to whether there is a God, what it is, where it is, what it's intentions are and whether it gives a damn about us. There could be, there's no explanation as to why there's not, but then again there's no explanation as to why there is either. I think it's one of those things that we'll never figure out, and even if we do, the answer won't be pretty, and people won't want to know.
Like, imagine if we found God a few billion light years away, and we go nuts and ask him if he's heard our prayers and stuff, and go 'WHATS THE MEANING OF LIFE, GOD? TELL US!!!'
What if he just shrugs his shoulders and says, 'Honestly, I just created you guys for shits and giggles, and then I got bored and made a giant lounge chair in which to travel the universe'. Bit of a let-down really.

I think it's great if religion makes you happy and gives you hope and stuff, that's fine. But it's when people start talking themselves up because of it and insisting that they're right where problems start, and so many people do that. Just accept that it's YOUR belief, and no-one elses. There are 6.3 billion unique religious views in the world, because we all have different ideas and viewpoints. view post


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