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What if Kellhus was one of us? posted 16 February 2008 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Israfel, Peralogue

Well, think of the election process in America. Primaries, but especially caucuses still go gaga over that whole personal touch. And we know Kellhus can work crowds. Plus I'd echo Harrol in pointing out that it's not like demagogues or popular politicians have disappeared...

We may be more cynical in some respects but there are still millions of gullible people out there.

I think he'd just need someone to teach him mass-marketing or propaganda tools (like Cnaiur taught him war) and then he'd be made... Once he's elected or whatnot, all he's got to do is keep individuals and corporations happy and we know he could do that. It might be the first time a leader of one of our 'democracies' wasn't bound on all sides by corporate interests... view post


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