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What if Kellhus was one of us? posted 15 February 2008 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Shell, Peralogue

So during my 45 minute commute, my thought process on Monday went from Paris Hilton to Britney Spears...I know, worse and worse. Luckily, I had a three hour class on pandemic infuenza to drive away thoughts of useless blondes taking up too much of the country's neural cells. They both are so NOT getting the flu shot when the big pandemic hits. I vote NO.

Anyway, Curethan, I agree we are not any smarter than medieval ages. Da Vinci = Newton = Stephen Hawking = Bill Gates. I just think we are more suspicious, cynical and jaded.

Scenario: 1462, somewhere in France. Priest: "Oh no, the moon is eating the sun! All widows bang drums to chase the moon away! All virgins to pray with me naked! All: "OK!"
Scenario: 2008, somewhere in France. "Eclipse? No, man, you need to see the lastest video on Cats Getting a Bath on YouTube!" All:...

I don't think the Internet and mass media would make Kellhus more manipulative. One of his genius is looking into my eyes and seeing my deepest desire. YouTube would introduce him to billions, but he doesn't have that personal connection. Too many funny Eddie Izzard clips would divert my attention.

OK, you say, he doesn't have to convince all of us, just our fearless leaders. I would counter with an example. Harrol and I are obviously on opposite sides on politics. Should GWB go on national TV and say "This here Kellhus guy is a right smart individual. I'm going to pull trees on my ranch. You just do whatever he says." Me and a whole lotta folks are going to get the ALCU involved, make a motion to place a tax all of Kellhus' actions, and try to pass legislation that will allow Kellhus and Cnaiur to marry if they so wish. In other words, We Will NOT Take This Without a Fight!

On the other hand, let's say a certain female senator from NY stands up and says "Me and my husband Bill think that Kellhus is the most compassionate and intellegent being to ever walk this earth. You just do whatever he says." Harrol and a whole lotta other folks are going to stand up and say "Fie, Satan! We will never listen to you!" They will go home, gather up all their guns and form militias, make a motion to repeal the entire tax code, and try to pass legislation that Kellhus can only have one wife ever. No concubines allowed.

Advertising? Are you really convinced that Tide cleans better than Cheer in hot water in 4 out of 5 trials? Or is that just a time to go find something to eat in the 'fridge? I admit, I am marketing's worst nightmare - push of a button takes me right past all of 'em.

Mental illness? (scratches head). In light of this recent university shooting (since I heard the gunman stopped taking his meds a few weeks ago, and was acting "erratic".) you might have something there. Although the people that have a mental illness at any point in time are a small minority. There has been some discussion as to whether Cnaiur was mentally ill, and he certainly didn't roll over and follow Kellhus like a lost puppy dog. view post


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