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Was Cnauir gay? posted 15 February 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

I think we are placing too much emphasis on "gay" vs. "straight" vs "bi-sexual"...maybe this has already been pointed out, but sexuality is more of a continuum than separate spheres residing miles apart, with no common ground. Furthermore, in Cnaiur's case, I would suggest that any accurate depiction of his sexuality must be addressed in two separate ways.

Firstly, his relations with Moenghus. A dunyain, as was said earlier, could talk him or herself into anyone's pants, regardless of sexuality. I would support this by saying that as much as sexuality determines who we are initially attracted to, that process can work the other way. That powerful intimacy, especially if guided by someone who is in a position of power, like Moenghus with Cnaiur, could be turned from the emotional to the physical very easily, regardless of Cnaiur's sexuality. Sexuality reinforces intimacy and vice versa; the line between the two is complex and blurry.

The second aspect is Cnaiur's response; I like to think of it as his backlash, the physical expression of his rage and inner torment. His sexuality when he is in a position of dominance I would say reflects heterosexual leanings only because, in cnaiur's world, men are more dominated and violated by being killed. Women don't fit into that paradigm, and so raping will have to suffice to show complete and utter violent domination.

As he rapes and kills and violates, Cnaiur attempts to scar the world as he is scarred, simultaneously expressing his anguish at being so emotionally castrated and his despair knowing he cannot change.

Now, this last bit is my own personal interpretation; it's drawn more on assumptions than actual text. The flavor of Cnaiur is violence and violation. I asked myself "why?" and this was my take on it.

Back to the sexuality tack, I don't think Cnaiur is really homosexual or heterosexual. I think any homosexual relations in the books reflect more the level of control moenghus has over Cnaiur, rather than Cnaiur's instinctual sexuality. That has long since been scarred as well. Cnaiur's sexuality I would say only manifests as another means of controlling and scarring his world. T

I really did put too much here, but it would be interesting to investigate Cnaiur and the Idea of the Scar or the state of beingt scarred; i think that word, more than even violent or murderer, sums him up best. view post


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