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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant posted 08 August 2004 in Literature DiscussionThe Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by saintjon, Auditor

I loved the Covenant books, although I certainly didn't love Covenant. The end of the second book (the very end) was when I had to re-evaluate my opinion of him, because that more than anything was the point where Donaldson really took the gloves off and pounded you with how much believing in/loving the Land could cost him, and I started to feel crummy that I'd just written him off for his Unbelief.

My take: first book so-so, challenging read, lots of slow moments
second book: WHAM!
third book: I can't take it anymore but I love it so much...

2nd trilogy: wow Donaldson must not like any of these people he writes about very much lol view post


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