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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant posted 06 August 2004 in Literature DiscussionThe Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Rellion, Candidate

I had read a lot of generic fantasy over the years up to the point that I read these novels at the behest of a friend of mine, as well as popular, but less than inspiring novels from other genres. I read Clancy, Weis/Hickman, King, and Rice (shudder) and happily plodded my way through the generic and average literature of the time. After completing the First and Second Chronicles, I have since held a much higher standard to what I like to read. Trundled off to the used book store are all my Clancy, Weis/Hickman, King, and Rice novels.

The story of Thomas Covenant and what happened in the world of the Land really got to me, and I do not believe I've felt as much emotion over the story in a book before. The setting was very original in detail, and the protagonist is not an individual that fits into any of the ready-made 'hero' molds.

For some very tough, harsh fantasy I do suggest picking up these two trilogies by Stephen Donaldson. I really enjoyed the journey of these books, and if you liked TDTCB, I think you'll find these books compelling as well. view post


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