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Curious if you... posted 09 February 2004 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

That was me before btw.

I agree with Locus maybe being influenced by the amount of support for TDTCB on the MB's. That's certainly where I heard about it. On the small number of boards that I visit, there are a handful of very well-read fantasy fans whose opinion I trust very much. A few of them have very similar tastes to me. One of them is Fitz (Rob) a moderator over at SFF world. He's who I heard about it first from, so he gets the credit.

I trust the opinions of them much more so than I would the critics, even at Locus.

I find it appalling that the literati have so much prejudice against fantasy. Especially when there is so much to be found in it besides Tolkien-clones, Jordan, and Goodkind.

As for the LOTR controversy: I have five very well-worn sets of LOTR on my shelves for more or less my whole life. I find a certain justification in the mass-approval. Now if only every person who saw the films and liked them decided to read the books. Then went and picked up another fantasy book. Then we'd be getting somewhere.

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