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What if Kellhus was one of us? posted 11 February 2008 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Curethan, Didact

It would depend entirely on his mission really, dont you think? Dominating the holy war and later the three seas was merely a means to an end.

Re: general intelligence, we are not really any smarter today than we were in medieval times. What has changed is the amount of knowledge that is stored within our society. What percentage of the population is aware of how a television actually works? Furthermore what percentage of people would be able to build a working prototype? Agreed that people (at least in the old and new world) are largely better educated - you can teach a parrot to talk, doesn't mean its smart.

Our dependance on mass media and the pervasion of advertising would make it easier for Kellhus to manipulate and enslave if he had to, and his 'insights' would be just as amazing. Observe how he easily and quickly he dominated the Mandate, for example. Their real world corollary would be our scientists - men of peircing intellect and the highest levels of education but still vulnerable to the basic to the legion within and the darkness that has preceded them. Another point to consider in my arguement that we would be more vulnerable is the preponderance of mental illness and depression - compared to levels 700 years ago we are faced with these conditions on an epidemic level. Fertile ground for one like Kellhus.

He might appear as an evangalist, a musician, a scientist, politician or even Paris Hilton... it would depend entirely on his objective, but we would still be as children before him.

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