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Dan Brown posted 30 July 2004 in Literature DiscussionDan Brown by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

I can understand about having novels that youd never get round to reading, I have the same problem but I just work on a simple rule, if they cant grab me in 50 pages then its not worth the effort, Ive lost track of the amount of what I would consider crap thats managed to get published, at some point I hope to get one out there but until that day I'll keep reading whats there and formulate opinnions.

Thats one thing reading a vast amount of books of different genres does it leads you to think about how you would improve them, this also develops your own writing ability.

To give an example the other night I watched the Twilight Zone (the one with the time traveling woman who went back to kill hitler as a baby.) Now this was wrong for a number of reasons, firstly they claimed that she was ideal candidate for the travel due to her genes, then they had her acting as the housekeeper/ nanny for the Hitlers. Now it was wrong due ot Hitler growing up without a father, secondly his fathers name wasnt hitler, that was his mothers maiden name.

Anyway at the end of the tale they had the woman jumping off a bridge and drowning herself and the baby. The housemaid then buys a gypsy baby and passes that off as the Hitlers own.

Now if I had done that episode I would have had it so that the father killed the mother, caught the timetraveler killing the baby and then made her his wife and she bore the real hitler, changing the dob to the dead childs, that way it would have made more sense with the genes at the beginning and thus offered up questions about who had funded the programme originally. But thats me, I rethought the plot and changed it to how I would have done it but thats due to the amount I read and knowing how I would have liked it to develop.

As to Dan Brown he may be a bit of a hit at the moment but I think his novel will lead people to question things a bit more and as such inspire research by the average joe on the street. Due to this I think that its a great novel, it may not stand the test of time but how many books do? view post


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