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A fortuitous correspondence of cause. posted 18 January 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]A fortuitous correspondence of cause. by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think in the books what comes after isn't influencing what comes before. Rather, I think what comes way back is making sure that both happen. I think the No-God was inspiring Kellhus to utter that particular prophecy and then the No-God made sure that things occurred as per the plan.

It's a neat way to circumvent the troubles of time travel. Just "prophesy" something seemingly unlikely and then use your supernatural powers (that still have to obey the laws of cause and effect) to make the "prophecy" come to pass, thus convincing the lowly mortals with no such supernatural powers that you or your mouthpiece can really tell the future.

No time travel is needed when you subscribe to the view that the No-God is intelligent, evil, has a clue, and has been manipulating the entire plot. view post


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