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A fortuitous correspondence of cause. posted 17 January 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]A fortuitous correspondence of cause. by Curethan, Didact

ooh kay then. *I'm disappointed cuz now I have to expound on a subject I love to flounder around in, but is very slippery*

The crux of my little story that you quoted is entirely the problem that you point out with your 'grandfather paradox' (which I enjoyed btw). You can;t do it because if you could it wouldn't happen - no destruction of space time necesary <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P --> The grandfather paradox is the reverse of my example - u travel backwards to negate your present, in mine u travel forwards in order to negate the effort of your past... kinda. Whee fun.

However, my initial speculation is actually a tenable one (I think). To provide a more accessable anology, supose that we were devise a computer system that was designed to forment an artificial intelligence. To do so, we create a closed system in which certain programs are able to interact and evolve whilst affecting a predesigned environment that pressures and stimulates them (controlled by us). Herein we are the unseen and inscrutable gods that indirectly control their world and, for us, their perception of time is mutable. For example we can slow or speed things up, save and restore things from times past or just change the group concensus of past events by adjusting global data. (kinda like the Matrix I guess) Now say a segment of this evolving metaprogram sets out to make a trancendent individual that can evolve beyond our initial programming and attain 'free thought' (obviously I'm referencing the dunyain here. We 'gods' decide to let em go for it - hoping to get a true AI out of the deal mebe - even nudging things along with the occaisional 'fortuitous correspondence' here and there. So then at some point, this self moving program escapes the closed system - mebe makes itself a natty robot body or gets into the internet... Now I would suggest the first thing it would do would be to alter its native time stream to ensure its existence in both worlds by, say, removing certain vulnerabilties or altering peoples knowledge of it etc. Essentially, having reached a point 'outside' of its original world it is able to freely affect its past and future therein.

PS If you are interested in some really good speculative fiction that explores time and quantum collapse try Greg Egan's 'Quarantine' Its frikkin brilliant - gave me the most wonderful headache.

PPS If someone replies to this post again, I may be forced to expound my theory that relates the consult's objectives to Shroedinger's cat-in-a-box thought experiment. And no-one wants that. view post


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