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The Title posted 07 February 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by banditski, Candidate

Quote: "Fade":3g0sqgdu
WSS may have more appeal at the public unfamiliar with the book.[/quote:3g0sqgdu]

true, but nothing else (so far) in pon tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator. why start with the title of the third book??

i think it would do better to title the book appropriately for the target audience... i mean, the only thing more useless than selling a book to someone who won't like it is to not get a sale of a book because it appears too simple/pulpy to someone who is looking for something more substantial.

besides, it's the third (and final??) book in the series. most people will have made up their mind about whether they like the books before they get around to buying the third one. if they're still around, then it's because they like the heavier reading found in pon, and a heavier title would appeal more to them. view post


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