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Cnaiur's sexuality-why is the topic so damn popular?? posted 11 January 2008 in General DiscusssionCnaiur's sexuality-why is the topic so damn popular?? by Uroborian Circles, Candidate

Eh... Semantics.

I suppose you could argue that nobody is entirely homosexual or heterosexual.

Born or Bred...

Attraction versus Repression...

In the end Serwe was primarily illustrated as his proof more than his passion. Moenghus was drawn as the one he gave his heart to, the one he really loved. In violent opposition to his more customary brides.

Let's leave the brain chemistry of homosexuality out of this regardless, as no one knows enough about it anyway (I'll stick with Alfred Kinsey on the subject).
Not to mention, to the horror of all, we might inadvertently draw the attention of some idealist.
Like sharks tasting blood anytime they have the prospect of spouting they're conveniently unverifiable and self-righteous anti-truths.

Just another black road to Nihilism. "Lets destroy everything!!! Because it's not good enough." view post


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