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Logos is theft posted 10 January 2008 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Uroborian Circles, Candidate

Any man who would utilize reason and rationality should also make use of mercy and compassion.

My friend calls me on the phone telling me that his mother is very sick in the hospital and he needs someone to keep him company. For me to do so would be irrational because I'd have to take off of work and I desperately need the money.

And yet... I do it anyway.

You have to question yourself:
"Well this is the right thing to do... but it's insane! It's impractical. To do so would be foolish."
"Well this is the logical thing to do... but it's heartless. It's selfish and unforgiving."

The serpent beneath you will show you the shortest path through the forest. It will lead you to many places and reveal many things and take you to thresholds of understanding that most will never pass through.

A guardian is needed above you however. One that pulls you back from those thresholds just before entering so as to say, "Enter. Know much. Pass on... Beware of everything you stand to lose though. There is alchemy that turns the lead spirit into gold and there is alchemy that turns the lead spirit into shit."

Balance in all things is the highest path, if not the shortest.

You may not reach your destination quicker... But you'll be awarded a better view for the journey. view post


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