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Do you believe a God exists? posted 05 January 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by zephyr, Candidate

However, I personally think that the need for a God has slackened greatly in the current age

But now, the world has changed. Advanced technology has eliminated disease, famine, etc., from most of the world. And suddenly we depend less on higher authorities to make sure we survive.

I do not agree with you GreyMantle. With all of human kind's advances in technologies of all types there will be more and more advanced diseases and advanced problems. Problems with anything will never be erased. It is simply how life works. Pain and suffering will always abound and people will always get hurt. The world, if it has no god, will always need one.

Here is my view on god. I believe that somewhere in the cosmos there is something. Whether it is a he, a she, a them, a thing/s, there is definitely some type of intelligence that somehow caused everything to be whether by it's intelligent design or accidentally not paying attention and Poof! here we are. In my opinion I don't really think whoever is out there really cares about us ( and if it did it does no longer). Just look at the world today. So much suffering and pain and unexcusable death of innocents all the time is happening. Does anyone really believe this is all in some god's master plan? view post


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