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Do the powers in control suck at their jobs? posted 30 December 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionDo the powers in control suck at their jobs? by Mandati Wannabe, Candidate

I recommend reading the following document, "the Sophia of Jesus Christ", one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This one might be a little hard to understand, but there are other translations out there if you look.


It describes the Gnostics' view of creation, which does agree with you that the universe is a cosmic 'mistake' in a sense. i.e. "The Perfect Savior said to them: "I want you to know that Sophia, the Mother of the Universe and the consort, desired by herself to bring these to existence without her male (consort). "

They believe, as most Christians do, that God has a triune nature. God the Christ (who brings the Gnosis, the knowledge that allows us to ascend), God the Father (the Male side of Creation) and God the Sophia/Mother. Gnostics believe that this female half of creation IS inherently flawed, and thus created a flawed existence. view post


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